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About me

Dr. med. Karin Botchen

Life in our civilized world brings new diseases and new pressure.
As human beeings we are living longer under optimal conditions for our health.
Alternative medicine offers a wide range of methodes to maintain our health and to prevent us form pain or illness.
Even in cases of advanced sickness and in people with severe pain-syndroms stunning resulsts can be acieved.
In the centre of my treatment is YOU, the person.
As an individual I focus on your well beeing.
My most important concern is to help my patients as good as I can with the best methodes of natural healing.
I combine the more traditional procedures with the latest innovative techniques such as Ozon Therapy to speed up the healing process.
All my approaches are completely tailored around your lifestyle and your needs.


List of therapies which I offer in my practice:


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Ahraue 12/B
Bruneck (BZ)

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Telephone: 0474 830 494
In urgent cases, you can reach me at the following number: 346 621 6884

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